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Dynamic Access Body Class


What would it be like if you had space, potency, power and possibility with your body?

Our body is always there, and it contributes to us, takes care of us, and makes sure we get where we need. On the other hand, we focus primarily on what is wrong and ugly with our body - or we completely ignore it and live our lives in our heads.

What would your life be like if you included your body?

One of the unique gifts about Access Consciousness® is that this includes your body in creating your life.

Each Access Body class will give you a process for greater awareness of how you are functioning with your body and open the door to energies you have available that you have never used or chosen.

Would you be willing to have a different reality with your body?

Each Access Body Process will begin to unlock, activate and access the generative capacities of your body to be more youthful, to be fully ALIVE. There's an expansion of receiving on all levels - more communication, health, and pleasure with your body; more ease with money, relationships and an opening up to an awareness of nature. What else is possible?

access body class

Science tells us that we generate an entirely new body every seven years, so what if this capacity for change is more of a reality than we’ve been acknowledging? What if your body can change in ways that are far easier and more dynamic than we have allowed. 

What is a body process?

The Access body processes are an energetic, hands-on tool that create miraculous change, possibilities, and space in our bodies.

An Access Consciousness® Body Process is a hands-on method that uses different hand placements on various positions on the body while asking specific energies to run at each spot. These processes facilitate the body back into its original functions, which assist with the repairing and longevity of the body. The energies are the natural energies that bodies are and have access to from everywhere in the universe.

Each hands-on energetic Access Body Process® is designed to simultaneously:

  • Undo the programming that keeps things from changing for you
  • Change things into something that contributes to you
  • Empower you to discover your own awareness of different energies
  • Nurture the potency you as an Infinite Being have to perceive, know, be and receive
  • Allow you to be the unique catalyst for change that can change the planet

When choosing any Access Body Class, ask; What gift can this be for my body and life? And follow your awareness.

Do you need prior knowledge to join a class?

No. There are no prerequisites to attend any Access Body class. You take home a process information sheet and certificate of attendance.

You can keep up to date with in-person events on our Access Joyful Body Events Facebook page.

Intrigued? If yes, take a moment and listen to the conversation about the Access body processes with Heather Nichols and Katarina Wallentin.

What magic is your body capable of that you have never chosen?

jayne micallef CFMWCan't get to a Class? Dive in with a private session

Going private can create the space to dive into everything possible for you and your body. What would it actually be like if you let your body receive more than it ever has before?


  • 90% Brain Capacity*
  • Activation & Actualization of the Immunity to Aging Bodies
  • Activation and Actualization of Total Immunity to the Sickness Of Mankind
  • Activation of Cellular Systems of Awareness for SEX (Spatial Embodiment of Xenos) & the Reversal of FAT (Functional Atrophy Terminus)
  • The Actualization of Functional Body Balance
  • The Actualization of Reverse Aging and Indefinite Living
  • The Amalgamation & Actualization of Algorithm Interrupt Energy
  • Amalgamation of Eternal & Infinite Power & Potency Embodied as Humanoid for All Futurity
  • Anaphylactic Shock and Quadrate of Laxation
  • Antibodies to Consciousness
  • BMM (Elimination, Eradication and Dissipation of Bio Mimetic and Bio Mimetric Mimicry of Other People’s Pains, Pathways and Realities)*
  • Cellular Memory
  • Circuitry
  • Compensatory Drift
  • Convergence of Unconsciousness & Consciousness to Create the Mutation of Embodiment as a Communion that Accesses all Capacities Beyond This Reality 
  • Correcting Vision
  • Destruction and Elimination of All Alterations of RNA Designed to Control You, AI You, and Eliminate Your Perceptual Reality to Avoid Conceptual Reality That Would Alter Reality
  • The Dissipation of Human Physiognomy
  • DM and MD
  • Elimination, Eradication and Dissipation of all Lies Locked into the Body (NEW as of May 2022)
  • Elimination & Eradication of the Microbiotic Desertification of Dermis & the Actualization of the Microbiotic Generative Dermis for Body and Earth
  • E&E of All Mediocrity Times The Square Root Of Corruption And Normality Embodied & The Instillment of Generative Abnormality Through & With Possibility
  • E&E of Body Electric & IAE of The Immune Systems To The Dark Side of the Moon AND Elimination & Eradication Of The Building Blocks That Would Allow Reinstitution Of The Body Electric, And, The IAE Of The Immune Systems To The Dark Side of the Moon 
  • E&E of the Embodiment Of All Past Thoughts & Emotions
  • E&E of the Embodiment Of All Past Thoughts & Feelings
  • E&E of the Embodiment Of All Past Thoughts & Sexual Realities
  • E&E of the Impelled Boredom That Overrides Your Body’s Awareness
  • E&E of the Proof of Finiteness & IAE Of Infinite Embodiment
  • E&E of the Stressor Systems for the Creation of Diminishment Altered as the Chemical Composition of Human Reality
  • Exit Stage Left
  • Generation of Acoustical Molecular Structure
  • Initialization, Activation & Exponentialization of Generative & Creative Hormonal Balance
  • IAE of Generative Physical Embodiment as the Key to Indefinite Living
  • IAE of Humanoid Organ Configuration
  • IAE of Humanoid Physiology
  • IAE of Juvination
  • IAE of Limitless Energy, Limitless Wealth & Limitless Possibilities
  • Installation, Creation & Actualization Of The Body Acoustic
  • Instill the Chaos That Would Create the Storage Cells That Would Engender A Generative Vibrancy of the Countenance of Youth
  • Instilling Chaos as the Source of Humanoid Immunity
  • Instilling of Future Possibilities that Cannot Be Refused
  • Instilling The Chaos That Erases The Refined Judgments Of Time And Place And Matter With No Space That Alters Physiological Creation Of Bodies
  • The Liquefaction of the Physical Solidification
  • Lymphatic Glandular Incongruities and Inconsistencies
  • Quantum Entanglements for the Creation of Super Life
  • Reciprocating Dimensionalities
  • The Reset Of All Cellular Structures to Indefinite Living And Environmental Communion
  • Restoration of Acoustic Vibration & Deconstruction, and Elimination of Transference Into Electrical Vibration
  • Restoration of Communion with Earth
  • Restoration of Structural Integrity & Function
  • Restructuring of Genetically Modified Macular Creation that Creates Degenerative Blindness
  • Source Field for Elimination & Eradication of Toxic Amalgams
  • Square Root of Minus One
  • Trifold Sequencing Systems
  • Trifold Sequencing Systems of Drug-Induced Scenarios, Perfectionism & Insanity
  • Zero Sum of Trauma

**You can keep up to date with in-person events on our Facebook page at

Your Body Has a Natural Capacity for Change. What does your body know?

What clients are saying

"My life and body have changed beyond anything I could have imagined in just a short number of weeks; releasing stress, anxiety, negative body image and relationship issues. After 35 years of searching this has been a revelation. Realising I can choose an abundant life and that everything is now possible has been transformative for me and those around me."

"I've been receiving body processes from Jayne for a couple of years. What I love about this is that each session gives me so much change. I have more money, more friends and greater ease with my family - which had been a big challenge for me."


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