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Best way to Change Anything

What is the Best Way to Change Anything?

What if there was a way to have more ease, freedom and happiness in your life? One where you get to create in a generative and fun way for you? Would you choose that?

When we clear away the limitations and energy shaping our actions, we can make greater choices, change our outlook, and rid ourselves of bad habits.

Each one-to-one session will facilitate you to change anything you are using to stop you.

Money. Relationship. Health. Business - what would you like to create?

Sessions empower you to take a different action and gain more satisfaction and clarity. 

You will have increased confidence, heightened self-awareness, and greater well-being.

If you seeking something different beyond what you have decided is possible? Then any of the sessions will contribute to you.


  • Access Bars
  • Energetic Facelift
  • Body Process
  • Symphony of Possibilities (SOP)
  • Coaching/Facilitation (by phone/video call)
  • Distant Healy Frequencies

If you're unsure what to choose, make contact for a chat.

If you could change anything, what would it be?

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Access Consciousness® BP, BF, AFF, BPF & CFMW & Certified Coach 

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What if you could change anything...

  • Change your situation with money, body, relationship, career, happiness, depression, or whatever else you like to change
  • Destroy your limiting points of view
  • Discover the energetic limitations that have been holding you back and clear them completely!
  • Have more ease no matter what you are doing and no matter where you are
  • Get out of boredom, ruts and stuck places in your life
  • Have a different approach and embody a different way of being in the world
  • Finally, change the situations and areas of your life that have seemed impossible to change - until now!
  • Live fully in the present moment and total allowance of everyone and everything
  • Be unaffected by the trauma and drama of people around you
  • Implement practical tools in your daily life, where issues come up, and how to change it
  • Be happier and more generative than you ever thought possible

All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy & Glory!®

What clients are saying

"Sessions with Jayne are so refreshing. Even on dark days it feels like I happen to be in this one spot of sunlight. The world feels so much bigger and filled with so many possibilities for happiness, love, money. Jayne is always caring, always fun, always so free of judgement and limitation and always so willing to be there for you."

"Weekly coaching sessions with verbal clearings have completely turned my life around and how I deal with things on a day-to-day basis, particularly relating to family issues and relationships. They have allowed me to experience more ease and a sense of calm."

"The sessions have helped immensely in quietening mind chatter and also alleviated physical pain and discomfort. They have been a particular contribution for me when I experienced a close family member’s bereavement. Jayne empowered me with various tools that I could use by myself to change anything.”

"What a gift sessions have been for my body. I have struggled with over eating for years. My appetite and body have completely changed.”

 "The experience left me with such a positive note that I feel anyone who is looking for more relaxation and greater clarity in their life would definitely benefit from a session with Jayne.”

"Jayne’s facilitation and generous coaching opens up a whole new arena of possibilities each time I have a session.”

Everything can change. Anything is possible. The question is will you choose it?

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