Free Yourself with Access Consciousness®



Free Yourself with Access Consciousness®

Change Anything

Your life is the constant state of the adventure of choosing…

Great relationship, job, finances and health? What if everything is possible?

Is it time you started asking questions that can create more ease, freedom and happiness in your life?

If you were creating your life for YOU what would You Create?

What have you always desired to change?  What you have decided is impossible to change? Your relationship, job, finances and health? What if everything is possible? Consider this your invite to a different possibility. A chance to go beyond what you have decided is not possible. Creating more ease, freedom and happiness in your life.

Are you willing to commit to creating a life that works for you? During sessions anything goes! Facilitation can include Access Bars®, Verbal Clearings, SOP, Bodywork. As we explore and exponentialise possibilities clearing the unseen, unspoken and unacknowledged energy around what is stopping you.

You are different – what can you create from that difference?

What will you get from sessions?

  • Change your situation with money, body, relationship, career, happiness, depression, or whatever else you like to change.
  • Destroy your limiting points of view
  • Discover the energetic limitations that have been holding you back and clear them completely!
  • Walk around with a space of freedom no matter what you are doing and no matter where you are
  • Get out of ruts and stuck places in your life
  • Embody a totally different way of being in the world
  • Finally change the situations and areas of your life that have seemed impossible to change – until now!
  • Live fully in the present moment and in total allowance of everyone and everything
  • Be unaffected by the trauma and drama of this reality
  • Implement effective tools in your daily life, where issues come up, and how to change it
  • Get happier and have more freedom than you ever thought possible
What if the universe has your back? NOW (really) is the time.

Let's get started!

Jayne Micallef is a Certified Coach she has facilitated clients through change for more than a decade. She uses the tools and processes of Access Consciousness® for instant, effective and lasting results.

She enjoys empowering individuals to connect with their uniqueness and choose from the awareness of a different possibility. Her style is nurturing, dynamic, fun and magic! Check out some client testimonials

“Jayne’s facilitation opens up a whole new arena of possibilities each time I have a session.” more