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About Jayne Micallef

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Jayne Micallef

Creator of Access Joyful Body
Access Consciousenss CFMW, Access Bars Facilitator, Access Energetic Facelift Facilitator & Access Body Process Facilitator

About Jayne Micallef

Jayne Micallef has been inviting people to their brilliance for more than 10 years.

Originally trained as a NLP Coach and Yoga Consultant, she has a completely different approach to bodies and creation by facilitating people to tap into and recognise their own abilities and knowing through being the question.

The tools of Access Consciousness® have enabled her to reach far beyond what people say with words, looking at the energy of what is being presented. Able to facilitate people and bodies in a way she never thought possible. She invites people to the ease of creating a life and business that truly works for them.

Based in East Croydon (UK) Jayne offers Access Consciousness® practitioner classes and private sessions in East Croydon and London Belgravia.

What if you had the tools to change anything and ease with creating a living that truly works for you, that will bring about a greater world?


Access Bars Facilitator®

Access Body Process Facilitator®

Access Energetic Facelift Facilitator®

Cert. NLP Coach

Yoga Consultant

Cert. Hypnotherapist


East Croydon

Conveniently located near East Croydon train station just 12 minutes from London Victoria, London Bridge, Clapham Junction and Gatwick.

Free parking available.

London Waterloo

Conveniently located near Waterloo train/tube stations and Southwark tube station.

Free parking available.

Light Centre Belgravia

Conveniently located near Victoria train/tube station.

What Clients Are Saying

OMG! SQUEAAAAL!! I’m not quite sure where to start!! Since my session I feel fantastic! Lighter, brighter, EXCITED, like I’ve found my creative mojo! Thank you thank you thank you!! I’m so excited about the bars class on Friday!! 

Since having my Bars run I feel so well, it’s as if I had a cloud on the top of my head before, you blew it away and the sunshine is back. Things are clearer and I am more aware of the things around me, as well as more confident and enthusiastic - thank you!”

I’d lost confidence since the birth of my son and chose coaching with Jayne as a way to help me find a job and get back into work. Sessions really helped I feel more relaxed and I’m having more fun with my son. I have also found a fantastic job…I’m delighted! Highly recommend this - thanks Jayne!”