Free Yourself with Access Consciousness®



Free Yourself with Access Consciousness®


Create a Life that Works for You – What else is Possible?

Would you like to Increase Your Ability to Have More of Everything YOU Desire? And that includes your body!

Welcome to Access Joyful Body with Jayne Micallef and the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness® for instant change. With Access Bars® and Energetic Facelift® classes in East Croydon (and beyond). And life changing Sessions to set you free from whatever is limiting you.

Money, relationships, job, health.. What would you like to change?

Free Yourself (and others) with Access Bars®

What if there was a way to quiet the endless thoughts in your mind, let go of the things that you’ve been holding on to. Would you be interested?

Learn a whole new approach for working with yourself and others – that will transform your life on multiple levels. Come and learn a fast and easy way to free yourself from limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and emotions, and physical pain, in this one day Access Bars® class.

Your best investments are always those that will generate more for YOU.. more money, fun, and instant change.

Would you like some of that?

Let's get started!!

My creativity is through the ROOF! Amazing things are just coming to me.. this is awesome!” more testimonials

All of life comes to me with Ease and JOY and Glory!