With Access Consciousness® classes and sessions in London Waterloo and East Croydon with Jayne Micallef.

Access Consciousness® is a set of tools to empower you to;

  • Be more effective, balanced, resilient, and be able to deal with situations with more ease
  • Have greater relationships; improve your performance and results
  • Be happier and have more clarity in creating your life

With mindfulness at the forefront of change there's not greater place to start than with the Access Bars® people of all ages have reported feeling clearer, having more energy, more ease with others, sleeping better at night, and being way more creative. What else is possible?

Access is being used by schools, corporate businesses, therapists, councillors, health workers, carers, friends, families and create something greater.

What could you improve or change with these empowering tools?

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What is Access Consciousness®?

Jayne Micallef, CFMW


How Much Are You Willing to Receive?

Have you ever felt like there’s never enough… it doesn’t matter what you do it still feels like there to little… and that there’s often the stress that it will not be enough that stops you from the choices you would like to make? One of the main excuses for not doing the things we’d like to do in life that no one can argue with - ‘I don’t have the money’. What if you could move out of that mindset?

What if you are an Explosion of Possibilities Looking for a Place to Happen?

What Clients Are Saying

OMG! SQUEAAAAL!! I’m not quite sure where to start!! I feel fantastic! Lighter, brighter, EXCITED, since my bars session its like I’ve found my creative mojo! Thank you thank you thank you!! I’m so excited about the bars class on Friday!! 

"My creativity is through the ROOF since your Bars Class amazing things are just coming to me. I feel awesome! You taught me so much I'm so grateful, thank you!”! 

"What a weird and wonderful day! It’s totally opened my eyes to just how much I’m creating my aging through my points of view. My body feels lighter and my face is more relaxed. I noticed we all had that youthful fresh and plumpness in the face after completing the facelifts. Remarkable! Thank you!"

Since having my Bars® run I feel so well, it’s as if I had a cloud on the top of my head before, you blew it away and the sunshine is back. I am more conscious about the things around me, as well as more confident and enthusiastic”

"The weekly coaching sessions with Access Clearings have completely turned my life around and how I deal with things on a day-to-day basis, particularly relating to family issues and relationships. They have allowed me to experience more ease and a sense of calm."