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Access Energetic Facelift London

access facelift london croydon

Access Energetic Facelift London

What is Access Energetic Facelift London?

Are you looking for an alternative beauty technique? The Access Energetic Facelift® is a nurturing body process from Access Consciousness®.

The gentle soothing touch applied to your face and neck works with your body’s cells to restore, enliven and rejuvenate.

It's a wonderful way to reverse the appearance of ageing. 

Every time you look in the mirror and judge you, the cells remember and lock that judgment into the cells.  

The Access Facelift erases cellular memory of judgment and rejuvenates the body and the being!

Once we release and get rid of the judgments we project at our faces in the mirror, our body has the space to regenerate itself.

What if you could have more youthful skin, firmer body, and fewer judgments? Naturally!

People have reported changes in the following:

  • The light and luminosity of the face
  • The elasticity of the skin
  • Clarity of the eyes
  • Glow in the hair
  • Lifting of breasts and buttocks
  • Improved energy
  • Increased relaxation

What occurs during class?

In this class, you will learn how to use the Access Facelift energies to lift and rejuvenate your whole body through the use of soft, comforting, soothing touch and nurturing on your face and neck.

In this dynamic class, you will receive and give a complete energetic facelift, as well as learn how to provide it for others.

Once we clear the judgments we project at our faces and bodies daily in the mirror, our body has the space to regenerate itself.

What else is possible?

Learn the Access Energetic Facelift with a friend or two so you can gift and receive the benefits of this dynamic process on a weekly basis.

The Access Energetic Facelift can also be a brilliant addition to any business where you work with clients and their bodies – beauty, wellness, massage, and more. Expand your clientele and range of services offered.

You can ask any question during the class! Each class is co-created with everyone who chooses to come to that particular class.

Receive a practitioner certification and the Access Facelift® manual, head chart and a gift of mp3 clearings to change the ageing process

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Nathalie Fry

Since the Facelift class I’ve had comments on how I look younger, more open, one friend mentioned that I was speaking more openly with more confidence. I’ve noticed my breasts have lifted and become fuller since the process, an unexpected and welcome benefit… truly exciting. Yes!!

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Su Hartman

What a weird and wonderful day! It’s totally opened my eyes to just how much I’m creating my ageing through judgement and my points of view. My body feels lighter and my face is more relaxed. I noticed we all had that youthful fresh and plumpness in the face after completing the facelifts. Remarkable! Thank you! 

I offer access energetic facelift croydon

Class facilitated by Jayne Micallef registered CFMW

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