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What are the Access Bars?

what are the access bars

So, what are the Access Bars?

Have you heard about the Access Bars? They are creating a whole lot of change for a whole lot of people.

Access Bars is a technique that is part of the larger body of work known as Access Consciousness. Founded by Gary Douglas in the early 1990s.

Access Bars involve lightly touching 32 points on the head, corresponding to different areas of life, such as healing, body, control, creativity, ageing, money, and more. These points hold the electromagnetic charge of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

The process involves a practitioner gently touching these points to release the stored energy and promote relaxation. People who have experienced Access Bars sessions often report feeling more calm, more clear-minded, and less stressed after the session.

Each Access Bars session is intended to help individuals release limitations, beliefs, and thought patterns that may hold them back in various areas of their lives. Access Bar's proponents believe it can contribute to personal growth, improved mental clarity, increased creativity, and overall well-being.

It's important to note that Access Bars and Access Consciousness are considered alternative modalities. As with any wellness practice, individual experiences and opinions can vary widely. 

What are the Access Bars? And how can they help you?

How many of the following apply to you;

  • Your monkey mind kicks in at bedtime, and you find it difficult to sleep.
  • You're constantly tired and burnt out – you can't seem to relax.
  • You don't enjoy meditation or yoga but would like these kinds of benefits or something greater.
  • You've tried most wellness practices, and nothing seems to help you relax.
  • Juggling family and work is exhausting.
  • You don't have as much fun as you used to.
  • You are functioning for survival rather than thriving.
  • You often feel alone and need more clarity.
  • You are ready for a new direction in your life.

What if it doesn't have to be like that? This gentle technique called the Access Bars can help you change anything.

What are the Access Bars? The results of receiving the bars have blown away scientists!

With such amazing benefits it's no wonder people have been curious about the science behind it all.

A preliminary scientific study by leading neuroscientist Dr Jeffery Fannin revealed the neurological health benefits of Access Bars.

By measuring brain waves before and after a Bars session, Dr Fannin discovered that Access Bars® has a positive neurological effect. Similar to those experienced by advanced meditators – and it produces these results immediately. Check out this video!

Experience the Bars

Practitioners worldwide use the Bars to improve health, insomnia, anxiety and depression, stress, PTSD, migraines, panic attacks, OCD, Autism, weight, money, relationships, and more!

So what are the Access Bars? Why not try it out and find out what an Access Bars session can do for you? Research and find a qualified and reputable practitioner in your area. Or request a session today.

Join an Access Bars Certified Practitioner Training and learn how to use this technique on your family, friends and clients.

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!®

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