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Access Bars in Business

Welcome to Access Bars in Business

Recent events have led to people moving out of the workplace, so it has been difficult for many businesses to retain balance and a sense of connection with employees. Introducing Access Bars into the workplace can help improve morale and help retain staff.

The Access Bars in Business wellness program is beneficial for employees to manage stress levels and can help improve the work environment.

It's a great way to empower individuals to improve personal happiness, decreasing staff turnover and increasing productivity.

Access Bars® in Business

What is it?

Access Bars in Business is a series of wellness programs incorporating the dynamic Access Bars, a light touch technique on the head that has similar effects to meditation. It provides a deep sense of relaxation, which can increase performance optimization and also prevent burnout.

What does it do?

Access Bars technique quietens a racing mind, reduces stress and gives the brain a replenishing space - which encourages creativity, an increase in productivity and a deep sense of relaxation and relief from overwhelm and stress.

Key Benefits

  • Stress Relief
  • Greater Relaxation at Work
  • Improved Ability to Perform Under Pressure
  • Improved Morale
  • Decrease Staff Turnover

Results from a workplace study in 2020

  • It favoured changes in attitude
  • Improved interaction and tolerance between people
  • Promoted a greater collaboration
  • Less irritability and reactivity to anger
  • Greater feeling of comfort at work and a perception of a more pleasant, less tense and more collaborative work environment
  • Find out more about this here

12 AMAZING health benefits of Access Bars®

The Transformative Power of Access Bars in Business: Unlocking New Potentials and Growth

You can visit the Access Consciousness international Bars in Business website if you're outside the UK.

Experience the Bars

Book a tryout day to experience Access Bars's benefits for you and your team. Make contact, and we will get in touch.

Business Solution

The Access Bars can be part of any business wellness program that can be provided to support mental health, well-being, and personal development.

Access Bars in business wellness programs allow staff to relax, connect with others and lower stress levels in the workplace.

Each organisation is different. We can arrange a workshop which can include the following;

  • Access Bars session

In an Access Bars session, staff can experience a Bars session to relax, unwind, and recharge to improve focus.

  • Stress Management workshops

This helps empower staff in stressful and difficult situations, giving them the tools to deal with them more easily.

We offer well-being and stress prevention workshops across the UK.

Explore possibilities in business and beyond with Access Bars for increased vitality, greater performance, and ease in and around the workforce.

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