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What if your body was a compass or guide to the secrets, mysteries, and magic of life?

One of the most amazing things with Access Consciousness® is that this includes your body in the creation of your life. And not only included, your body is essential to the whole adventure of exploring consciousness!

We don't just store memories in our minds - but in our bodies. Each Access Body process gives you more freedom from your past and greater health.

It's also a safer and more natural way to prevent premature ageing, illness and fatigue.

Each process opens the door to energies you have available that you have never used or chosen to be before. 

Assisting with longevity of the body repairing damage that has been sustained, whether environmental or through injury.

i offer access bars get rid of anxiety depression

You have to have consciousness with your body or it doesn’t change it totally. Without consciousness you will buy physically into the limitations that other people call reality. GARY DOUGLAS

Is it possible to heal by changing a point of view?

Combining the Access Hands-On Body Processes with the Access Consciousness Verbal Processing can create change previously thought impossible.

The majority of people who have received processes have said that they feel a heightened sense of well being.

In each hands-on class, you will gift and receive a unique Access body process to give you the possibility of creating change with your body.

Not just life changing, each process will give you access to a different way of being with your body and will gift you a sense of being connected to your body and more alive than ever before.

What if you had greater communion with the earth and with everything you truly desire?

Are you and your body asking for more or something different?

During this workshop you will be shown how to run the process on another and receive the process yourself. There are no pre-requisites to attend you take home a process information sheet and certificate.

Looking for a private session?

Acccess Body Process® Workshops

£100.00 per process [East Croydon]

East Croydon train station is just 12 minutes from London Victoria, London Bridge, Clapham Junction and Gatwick. Free parking available.

What clients are saying

"My life and body have changed beyond anything I could have imagined in just a short number of weeks; releasing stress, anxiety, negative body image and relationship issues. After 35 years of searching this has been a revelation. Realising I can choose an abundant life and that everything is now possible has been transformative for me and those around me."

"I've been receiving body processes from Jayne for a couple of years. What I love about this is that each session gives me so much change. I have more money, more friends and greater ease with my family - which had been a big challenge for me."