Free Yourself with Access Consciousness®



Free Yourself with Access Consciousness®

Access Bars Class

There are two things that will change anything in your life; choice and Access Bars® – Gary Douglas

This mind blowing Access Bars® class teaches you the tools and processes for total freedom. Come and learn a fast and easy way to free yourself from limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and emotions, and physical pain, in this one day class.

Learn a whole new approach for working with yourself and others – that will transform your life on multiple levels. And it also works really well with teenagers and kids!

During this one-day information packed, hands-on class, you will:

  • Learn this popular Access Bars® technique that can be run in a variety of ways.
  • Learn how to use Access Bars® to release physical symptoms and pain; and speed up the healing process of your body.
  • Learn the Access Consciousness® clearing statement to increase the effectiveness of the work that you do with others.
  • Get clear on how you can release your thoughts, feelings and beliefs – permanent.
  • Develop the competency and skill of dealing with any challenges that may arise when doing this process.
  • Effectively use the Access Bars® with others, even with small children and babies.

Who would benefit from learning:

The Access Bars® is for anyone who is ready to have more fun, and looking to create better results in life!

Business professionals, Creators, Teachers, Counselors, Healers, Coaches, Health Practitioners, Therapists, Parents, Teenagers and young adults – in fact Anyone can use the bars to create anything!

There are no pre-requisites to attend this class which means anyone can learn this technique. This life changing technique gives you, your loved ones and your clients numerous benefits and a way to let go with ease allowing for exponential change. Learn More About Access Consciousness® & the Access Bars® in this one-day class.

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!

Would you like to learn how?


Jayne, I am so grateful I found you and was able to get to your Bars class. My creativity is through the ROOF today. Amazing things are just coming to me. I feel awesome. You taught me so much…thank you!”

Let’s just say as I walked through the door it all just fell into place!  It was like I was just was stuck in an elevator for years and the lift just shot up a floor and the door opened! I genuinely believe this has changed my life, watch this space for some dramatic changes. Thank you so much for today’s Bars class. ” More testimonials