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Symphony Sessions

If the Universe could Contribute Anything to You What Would it Be?

Everything is constantly contributing to you – the sunshine, the earth, nature, animals, beings and their bodies, even the chair you are sitting on. Every single molecule in the universe is ready and willing to co-create with you.

Each Symphony of Possibility session opens you up to the space of receiving and the awareness of possibilities available to you. Giving you access to the change you ‘always knew’ was possible but hadn’t been able to access.

What if space were an infinite number of atom bombs just waiting to be exploded into everything you desire?

What if you are here to have fun with your body?

What if the universe has your back?

Would you be willing to open up to the oneness and consciousness you truly be?

How much greater could your life be if you opened up to allow the universe to contribute to you?

The Symphony of Possibility (SOP) sessions are about energetic empowerment and change and it can invite you to open up to living in a completely different way

Each session will invite you to a different possibility. Are you ready to take your life beyond what you have decided is possible?

i offer symphony of possibilities access consciousness

What would you ask of the Universe?

30 minutes online symphony sessions £125.00

30 minutes in person symphony sessions £150.00 [East Croydon]

East Croydon: Conveniently located near East Croydon train station just 12 minutes from London Victoria, London Bridge, Clapham Junction and Gatwick. Free parking is available.

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What clients are saying

"I'm not quite sure what happened during my session its difficult to put into words, there was a sense of space and peace in my world that was new to me. And since I've felt more relaxed and at ease with everything.

- Thank you Jayne!"

“Jayne’s facilitation opens up a whole new arena of possibilities each time I have a session.”

"What a gift this been for my body. I have struggled with being at ease with my body for years this has completely changed.”


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