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#1 way to have more MONEY


What if money were a possibility in your life?

Warning: This is only for those who are prepared to have more money in their life. Don’t read on if you’re happy with your situation right now.

Have you noticed that society always tells you that you have to work hard for your money and that having your bills covered is good enough?

When you were growing up, did anyone ever tell you that you are an infinite being and that you have access to everything?

Or did you buy into the point of view you were wrong to ask, and it was hard to have the things in your life you desired?

What if you can receive everything that you are willing to ask for?

When you look at the entirety of the world, is there a money problem OR a lack of people willing to choose to have more?

What if everything you have ever been told about money just wasn’t true? What do you know and what capacities do you have that you have never acknowledged?

What’s your financial situation?

What points of view did those around you have when you were growing up? Did you buy them as yours? Is that still working for you?

Are you creating your money situation to fit in and be like everyone else? Or maybe you are trying to prove right that you don’t have enough?

Do you have more than you can spend and never enough?

Who or what are you with your finances?

Are you willing to have more?

What if money is like air, it’s everywhere. See, here’s the thing Money is an energy; it will validate your points of view.

Have you decided that you are pathetic and that you can’t have more?

Are you ready to change that? To clear your story, beliefs, considerations, projections and limitations that keep you from receiving more.

What if you could create more cash with ease, joy and glory?

What new revenue streams could you add to your life? How much gratitude can you be for something greater and a different possibility that is fun for you?

How much are you willing to receive?

Are you ready to receive MORE, have more and be the energy where cash swirls around you and shows up everywhere?

In this 2-hour Zoom, we will explore and clear your limitations around money. We will challenge where you are defending your money story and get clear on where you are avoiding receiving it.

Being the invitation for more is easy; it’s not about ‘do do doing’ something; it is about being the relaxation and ease that opens up the space for a different possibility.


During this interactive Zoom class, we will use the tools and processes from Access Consciousness in the book Money Isn’t the Problem You Are and begin to change your reality and eliminate your financial limitations.

The universe is endlessly abundant. This class is for people who live in a constant state of difficulty around money. Having it, and not having it.

Join Jayne and learn to make different choices and have a different point of view using these empowering tools.

You could purchase the book or Audiobook on Amazon before the class. What would that create?

You will receive a pdf workbook with tools you can use on receipt of your payment. How does it get any better than that?

  • Questions
  • Clearings
  • Energy pulls

Every time you choose this class, it will be different, depending on the energy of the group. This class gets created by those choosing it who are willing to have a different possibility.

What is possible for you, and what contribution can I be to that?


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