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13 Awesome Benefits of Life Coaching

Empower Your Journey: Life Coaching for Personal Growth and Fulfillment

Working with a Life Coach can help you identify and address limiting beliefs, patterns, and behaviours hindering your progress.

Sessions can help boost your self-confidence and self-esteem by acknowledging your achievements and guiding you to overcome self-doubt, and building personal growth and work-life balance.

Coaching may be for you if you're looking to improve relationships, your career, your emotional well-being, and your day-to-day life.

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Why choose a Life Coach?

Choosing to work with a coach can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, depending on your personal and professional targets.

Here are some common reasons why people choose coaching: 

  1. Get clear on what is true for you.
  2. Reduces procrastination.
  3. Improves life skills and behaviours.
  4. It enhanced work-life balance.
  5. Better decision-making.
  6. It improved interpersonal skills.
  7. Clarity, commitment and visioning of your success.
  8. Improves job satisfaction.
  9. Builds confidence.
  10. Increase your level of engagement.
  11. Reduce stress.
  12. Greater flexibility and adaptability to change.
  13. More Creativity

How can Coaching help?

Coaching sessions are a space to look at what is not working for you and change it.

Sometimes you know what to do, and life seems to flow and support you and your asks. And then there are times when it is all a little murky, and you might feel a bit lost.

Thankfully, you have your coaching sessions —a time to tap into what is true for you and remember who you are and what is most important to you. Nothing could be better.

When you bring awareness to your life, you'll experience the presence that will make you stop sabotaging and find joy in daily life.

But for most of us, accomplishing that is easier said than done. Often it requires a conscious effort to change the status quo and push in new directions. And that is where coaching comes in.

Success comes from your willingness to engage in the process, and your commitment to taking action

What would you like to change?

When you start to participate in creating your life, you are more likely to create a life that works for you. Getting clear on what you would like to change and knowing what that is, of course, is the first step.

As your Coach, how can I assist you?

As your Life Coach, I can facilitate you with getting clear on what is not working for you and how to change that - permanently.

Sessions can help change your relationships, career, and your day-to-day life.

I enjoy working with clients seeking to change habitual patterns, burn out, and help release upset, fear, stress, anxiety, confusion, lack of clarity or anything else you are using to keep you from enjoying your life.

With 14 years of expertise and experience as a fully qualified NLP Coach, I bring a wealth of tools and techniques to each session. This has dynamically upgraded in the last 11 years as an Access Consciousness CFMW. I work with a wide range of clients looking to change various aspects of their life, enabling them to lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

The effectiveness of coaching largely depends on the coach-client relationship, your willingness to engage in the process and your commitment to taking action.

Ready for a journey of self-discovery

What would your life be like if you began to make new choices that create the future you desire? You start energising your life, and the universe starts to support you.

I provide a judgement-free space and ask great questions that will give you the awareness of where you are sticking yourself, what you can change and what is necessary for that change.

I can help you get clear on what is true for you and your values and set clear targets. This will help you reconnect with what you love about your life and work - and take action!

How does it work?

Most clients have 4 or 6 sessions.

Sessions can include the Access Bars (in-person).

Each pre-pay session is held via video conference or phone (your choice). You can pay as you go or book a block of sessions (price list).

Make contact; let's chat to see if I'm the coach for you.

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JAYNE MICALLEF, Life-Changing Coach


Wow! What an eye-opening experience! I can see where I was mimicking my family this has now changed. Jayne showed me a way of functioning beyond what prevented me from showing up in my business. Her support is empowering. She makes it so easy!

I’m on the road to choosing more joy, happiness and success in every aspect of my life and business. Thank you, Jayne”

"Coaching has completely changed my life and how I deal with things daily, particularly family issues and relationships. Sessions have opened me to be less controlling and more relaxed in difficult situations.

The sessions have helped immensely quieten mind chatter and alleviate physical pain and discomfort. They have been a particular contribution to me when I experienced a close family member’s bereavement. Jayne empowered me with various tools I could use to change anything.”

"Coaching with Jayne is so refreshing. Even on dark days, it feels like I happen to be in this one spot of sunlight. The world feels much bigger and filled with many possibilities for happiness, love, and money. Jayne is always caring, fun, free of judgement and limitation and always willing to help. She will always be there for you. I am no longer OK. I am great.

Ask yourself: what will it take for you to be the greatness you truly be? I recommend taking that first step. And another. And always another..”

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