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Joy of Business

Are you enjoying your business? Or is it a drag?

Would you like to have more fun with your business?

Create and generate more money?

Spread fun, joy and laughter around more?

Want to jump out of bed and get going with your business every day?

Create! More Time, More Money, More Joy!

This class is for you if you would like your life, your work, or your business to create something entirely different for yourself and for the planet. Business or work - whatever you call it - is a huge force in the way we shape our lives.

Every day when you wake up, you have the choice to create your life, or let it be created by the projections of this reality.

Are stuck in a comfortable or conventional way of doing business or living your life that feels limited?

It doesn't have to be that way! What if your life, living, work and business could be creative and joyful? It can be.

Welcome to a class full of questions and tools created for you to give you a total different perspective on creating your life and your business.


You can pre-order a copy of the Joy of Business Book or purchase one during the class £15.00 (cash).

What else can you add to your life that would create, generate and actualize money right away?’

Class cost: £100.00 

Duration: 3 hours

Pre-requisites: None

Your life is your business and your business is your life - Simone Milasas