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How Much Are You Willing To Receive


How Much Are You Willing to Receive?

Have you ever felt like there’s never enough… it doesn’t matter what you do it still feels like there too little… and that there’s often the stress that it will not be enough that stops you from the choices you would like to make?

One of the main excuses for not doing the things we’d like to do in life that no one can argue with - ‘I don’t have the money’. What if you could move out of that mindset? The universe is endlessly abundant and constantly desiring to gift to us. We actually have to actively block receiving.

What if money weren’t the problem? What if receiving is the problem and YOU are the solution?

I offer money is not the problem you are

Welcome to a class based on the book Money Isn't the Problem, You Are.

During this class, we will look at the book and clear wherever you are blocking you from having the greatness of you and the life you desire!

What if you could increase your money flows? What if you could have more money?

Join us for this fun online class; there are no prerequisites, so anyone can attend.

Are you willing to change your points of view about money?

You will receive a copy of the 'How Much Money Are You Willing to Receive Workbook' which is included in the cost of the class. The 'Money Isn't the Problem, You are' book is not included in the cost of the class. You can pre-order a copy.

What else can you add to your life that would create, generate and actualize more money right away?

Duration: 2 hours online via Zoom

Pre-requisites: None

Warning: Only choose this if you’re prepared to have more money in your life. 

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