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12 Amazing Health Benefits of Access Bars

health benefits of access bars

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Access Bars

Have you ever wondered what happens when you have your Bars run? You know that something is different, but what is it?

What are the Access Bars?

Access Bars is a gentle, hands-on technique from Access Consciousness that involves lightly touching 32 points on the head. These points, or "bars," store the electromagnetic components of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs one has ever had. Activating these bars through a session helps to clear away mental clutter, leading to greater mental clarity, relaxation, and improved mood.

What are the Health Benefits?

There are many health benefits of Access Bars. This energetic technique can help you create everything you desire, giving you a dynamic set of tools to expand and ease in every area of your life. Access Bars has assisted thousands of people in changing many aspects of their lives. People report better health, peace, sleep, weight loss, sex and relationships, less stress, and much more!

Here are my top 12 AMAZING health benefits of Access Bars:

  1. Deeper relaxation and non-interrupted sleep.
  2. Improved manageability of depressive and anxious tendencies.
  3. Easily shift negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs.
  4. Clear physical and emotional clutter for good.
  5. Change and often remove physical pain in the body.
  6. A significant increase in joy and happiness.
  7. Improve your mood and maintain a positive outlook.
  8. Greater mental clarity, motivation and problem-solving capacity.
  9. Identify and transform negative self-talk.
  10. Release the unconscious stories that keep you from having what you want.
  11. Be more generative as you clear blocks to receiving - improve money flows.
  12. Create change with health, weight, relationships, stress, and more!

Because of the many health benefits of Access Bars, people use this technique for greater well-being and stress management with clients and loved ones, resulting in happier families.

Access Bars Research

The Energy Psychology Journal published a pilot study in November 2017 on the benefits of Access Bars on anxiety and depression. This research explores the potential of this unique practice to bring about positive changes in mental well-being.

You can read the study here.

The Science Behind Access Bars

With such amazing health benefits of Access Bars, it's no wonder people have been curious about the science behind them. Most importantly, a preliminary scientific study by leading neuroscientist Dr. Jeffery Fannin revealed the neurological health benefits of Access Bars.

By measuring brain waves before and after a Bars session, Dr Fannin discovered that Access Bars has a positive neurological effect similar to those experienced by advanced meditators—and it produces these results immediately.

Managing Stress in the Workplace with Access Bars

The rise of stress in the workplace has become a significant concern in recent years. Factors contributing to this increase include higher job demands, longer working hours, job insecurity, and the blurring of work-life boundaries due to technology. Employees often face immense pressure to meet deadlines, achieve targets, and juggle multiple tasks, leading to physical and mental exhaustion. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated these issues, introducing new stressors like remote work challenges, isolation, and health concerns.

Access Bars can help employees manage their stress more effectively. Integrating alternative methods into wellness programs can contribute to a healthier, more productive work environment where employees feel supported and empowered to handle stress. Find out more about Access Bars in Business.

Advantages for Children

Children, too, can benefit immensely from Access Bars. They are highly perceptive and often absorb the stress and tension around them. The many benefits of Access Bars can be a powerful tool, helping children release pent-up emotions, reduce anxiety, and improve concentration. This technique can be a game-changer for children facing academic pressures or social challenges, enhancing cognitive function and emotional resilience and making navigating school and peer relationships easier.

Creating a Harmonious Home Environment

Parents can create a more harmonious home environment by incorporating Access Bars into their routine. The benefits of Access Bars, including reduced stress and enhanced emotional well-being, foster a positive family dynamic. This holistic approach supports mothers in their multifaceted roles and nurtures children's emotional and mental health, laying the foundation for a happier, healthier family life filled with peace and understanding.

What else may be possible with the Access Bars?

Here are 20 more reasons why Access Bars is a great choice.

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