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Gift Ideas

gift ideas christmas birthdays

Looking for a gift that you’ll ALL be grateful for...

I don't know about you but I'm often stuck when it comes to buying gifts for loved ones. They seem to have everything they really need and little bits and pieces often add up to what could have been something that has more of a lasting effect.

So I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite gifts ideas whether it’s for putting on your own list or gifting for the family.

BOOKS / £10-25

Firstly, how about a book one that will not only be a great read but will have a profound effect. Here are some of my favorites for all ages.


What if there was a way to create more ease, freedom and happiness in someone’s life? (And that someone includes you).

Great for Christmas! Nothing like starting the New Year with a good clear out!


What about a heightened sense of wellbeing? There’s lots of fun workshops to choose from relax and indulge with your body.

CLASSES / £230 & £270

Anyone can learn the Access Bars® and Access Facelift® with these being fully cert. practitioner classes they can be the start of creating a health and wellbeing business.

Seriously, where else can you start a business for under £300!!

Health, finances, relationships, business! One thing is for sure these gifts will keep on giving!!

All of life comes to us with Ease, Joy & Glory!

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