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Generative questions

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Asking Generative Questions

One of my favourite generative questions in the Access Bars training is: How does it get any better than this

Whatever you’ve got going on – great or not so great – it can always get better. You have to ask.

What good things are going on with you right now? Did you get the partner, car, job, house, lottery ticket, results [list your good stuff here] _________ that you thought you’d like?

What about the bad things? Perhaps you got a parking ticket, failed at something, missed out on an opportunity, lost a deal, got dumped by a loved one, [list your not-so-good stuff here] __________?

Now ask How does it get any better than this?®

This is your invitation for something even better to show up. Just ask.

Of course, you’d like the bad things to improve.

And the good stuff? Just because something is totally awesome now, doesn’t mean it can’t be even more awesome.

If you like asking for more in your life and your living, you'll love the Access Bars class! What else is possible?

jayne micallef

Jayne Micallef, Access Consciousness CFMW & Life-Changing Coach

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