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Unleash Your Potential: Creating Your Life with a Personal Coach

creating your life with coaching

Transformative Steps to Creating Your Life

When creating your life for anything not to be working, you must have some viewpoint limiting you.

Are you rejecting, refusing and judging? Are you fighting for the rightness of your point of view? Who does that belong to? And is that working for you?

What is being gifted to you that you are not receiving? What if it's time for something different?

Creating Your Life from Ask & Receive

What if you started practising the energy of what you would like your life to be?

If there were no limitations and you could choose anything, what would you choose as your life?

If there were no limitations on time. Money or ability. What would you choose?

Ask and receive is one of the laws of the Universe. Are you willing to ask and receive? What would you ask for if you had an infinite resource of time, money and abilities?

What if your choices are energetic and impact what shows up?

What would you choose if you had no limitations and knew that you could shape the molecules into actualising the life you would like to have?

What point of view would you have to change that would shift and change your reality?

Energetic Exercise

Choose an area of your life you would like to change; I will use getting a new job as an example.

Let's go energy shopping for a new job;

1. Get clear on what you would like to have.

Before we begin, take a moment to be grateful for your current job; thank it for the contribution it is and has been for you. And if you're not currently working, be grateful for the time and space you have had for yourself and your body.

What kind of people would you like to work with?

People who are grateful, open and willing to change, kind, honouring, and non-judgemental get the gift of me, function from allowance.

Get the energy of that.

What kind of job would you like?

One where I am a contribution that is fun, easy, and rewarding.

Get the energy of that.

What location would you like?

Would you like to travel? Once a month? Or be located near home?

Get the energy of that.

What else would you like?

Now write it down and get the energy of that.

Get the energy of what it would be like receiving job offers, having possibilities, and being paid for what you can be for the business that is looking for you.

2. Start pulling this in as your reality

Write a list of everything that comes up, relax, get a sense of that, put that energy in front of you, and start pulling energy from all over the Universe through it. Don't overthink it or try to work it out. Just do it.

At the same time, send ripples out to all the people, places, things, possibilities, events, and businesses who can contribute to the job you would like to have, showing up and actualising as your reality.

Now ask: What energy, space, consciousness, choice, magic, miracles, mysteries, possibilities, power, potency and profit and my body and I be to have multiple job offers with total ease? Everything that doesn't allow that I destroy and uncreate it. Write and wrong, good and bad, POC & POD, all 9, shorts, boys, POVAD's and beyonds. (the clearing statement explained).

ACTION: Pop your list up where you can see it and start pulling daily. Notice what shows up.

3. Start asking questions

When you start asking you begin creating your life with the universe.

  1. What can I be or do different today to receive a job offer right away?
  2. What businesses are looking for me?
  3. Who can I speak with today?
  4. Where can I go today to open the doors of possibility further?
  5. What are the infinite possibilities of finding a new job?
  6. Universe, I am willing to have this. Show me.

Being different

What if this could be the beginning of something new? What if your life could be more enjoyable again?

As you consciously begin creating your life, it helps to have a coach to facilitate you on your unique path. This helps you step into asking questions and get clear so that the Universe can gift you.

If you've resonated with the insights shared in this blog post and are eager to take your personal and professional life to the next level, I invite you to consider personalised coaching sessions with me.

Together, we can explore untapped potentials, set meaningful targets, and clear blocks to overcome challenges.

Why Choose Coaching?

  • Tailored Guidance: Receive personalised strategies based on your individual needs and aspirations.
  • Accountability: Stay on track with a supportive partner dedicated to your success.
  • Transformation: Witness tangible and lasting changes in various aspects of your life.

Coaching for Change: Harvard Business Review

Ready to Embrace Change?

Take the first step towards creating your life. I offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your targets and explore how coaching can benefit you. Let's embark on a transformative journey together.

To schedule your complimentary coaching consultation, make contact. Your best self awaits—let's unlock your full potential and start creating your life today.

Thank you for being here, and I look forward to the possibility of working with you!

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Jayne Micallef, Access Consciousness CFMW & Coach

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