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Wanna TURBOCHARGE Creating Your Business

I offer joy of business class london

Wanna TURBOCHARGE Creating Your Business?

Do you separate you from business and business from your life? What if nothing is separate?

What if YOUR life is your business and your business is your life?

Creating a greater future for the planet includes creating a greater future for you. Business isn't something you get right or wrong; it's an energy that can be a contribution. Do you play with your business? Give it a job? Or do you judge it, and you!!?

What choices do you have with the business that you have not yet chosen?

What revenue streams can you add that will create more money, more fun and ease for you?

Changing tracks with Business – Are you ready?

You're in the right place!! What if you had a creative conversation that not only cleared what's stopping you, it opened the door to be different with the way you create?

During this creative Business Class, we will explore the adventure of creating a business using the tools and techniques from Access Consciousness® and the Joy of Business book by Simone Milasas.

If you were creating your business from the JOY of it – what could you choose? What would you change? What would you choose if you knew you could not fail?

What if Business is JOY, its creation, it’s generative. It can be the adventure of LIVING.

What if it's time to CREATE from the space of what is truly possible for you and your business!?!

Come and play! The Joy of Business Class


Jayne Micallef, CFMW & Coach

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