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Where are you not choosing ease?

woman with hands in the air quote where are you not choosing ease

One simple question to upgrade your life: Where are you not choosing ease?

“When I first spoke with Jayne, life was not terrible. It was not even bad. It was OK. I was cruising along, chugging away at the usual stuff of life: looking for new work, agonising about relationships, searching for what I wanted in life. It was OK. And that was the problem.

I had simply accepted (quietly, I don’t know when) that this was the norm. That we all had to struggle to find what we wanted and to be happy. That happiness was a slog to get to, heavy-duty bricklaying. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Jayne has helped me to change all of this. Her enthusiasm for life, her empathy and ability to question me to exactly what it is about my thinking that had put me in a place where I just accepted mediocrity as the norm, that it doesn’t get any better than that. Over the years, I had bought into the messages of so many people and had managed to put my dreams aside just to live up to other peoples’ ideas of me.

No one should have to do this. We may think that we’re cruising along, in the rat race and the struggle to survive and everything else we’ve ever been told. Over time, this has a shrinking effect on us and limits our potential so much. But we can destroy and uncreate this all. And it isn’t difficult. All you need is to take that one step. Over time you’ll have climbed so many steps with Jayne that you’ll look back over a large staircase and be amazed as to how far you have come. Speaking to Jayne – even now – is so refreshing. Even on dark days like this, it feels like I happen to be in this one spot of sunlight. The world feels so much bigger and filled with so many possibilities for happiness, love, money.

Jayne is always caring, always fun, always so free of judgement and limitation and always so willing to help. She will always be there for you.

I am no longer OK. I am great. Ask yourself: what will it take for me to be the greatness I truly be?

I highly recommend taking that first step with coaching. And another. And always another.”

Where are you not choosing ease? And what would you like to change?

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