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Bars for Kids

access bars for kids schools

Bars for Kids & Schools?

Did you know that Access Consciousness® welcomes Kids to classes?

Children are a huge contribution to greater possibilities and their willingness to change makes it easier for us all to choose change. They don’t hold back and when given the choice to be everything they can be, they usually will. This willingness open doors to consciousness and is why Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness®, not only allows kids to come to all classes but encourages and invites it!

Some things to know about bringing your kids to classes:

  • Kids can participate in the class by asking questions, doing hands-on work, or playing with their gadgets.
  • Please bring whatever your child requires to be comfortable such as specific snacks or pillows.
  • Parents can also bring some kind of entertainment for the kids such as iPads (with a headset please!) games or movie players.
  • Please note that I do not provide child-care or entertainment during the class. It is up to the parents to be aware of their kids and what they are doing.

Kids’ Pricing for Classes:

  • 16-17 pay half price.
  • Under 16 are free, unless otherwise noted on the class details.


access bars for babies

Bars for Babies?

Access Bars® can be a wonderful contribution to your child at any age!

What would your life be like if, upon arriving in this world, you had been received for the contribution you truly be?

What gifts of possibility are available when we invite and facilitate each being we encounter to show us who they are and what they know?

Would you like to learn how to add the bars to the creation of happiness in your family?

access bars for youth london

Access Bars for Youth: After school programme?

Access Bars® for kids at school can be a huge benefit not only with the possibility of more peace and calm but with improved grades too!

We have a kids bars manual which can be used in a short after school class 4-11 yrs). If you are a teacher or parent interested in setting up an after school programme please get in touch I'm happy to assist with setting this up.

This amazing teachers conversation opens the door to the possibilities of what can be created when you are willing to use the tools of Access Consciousness®

A Bars Facilitator and educator used them in a school with incredible results. Lives changed for the better, driven by her desire to create a greater world.

Listen to her amazing testimonial.


All of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory!

jayne micallef

Jayne Micallef, Access Consciousness CFMW & Life-Changing Coach

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