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Attitude of Gratitude


Gratitude How Miracles Occur

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What I love about consciousness is that you don’t have to ‘try to figure it out’, and if you don’t go there, then miracles can occur. And if you add some gratitude, this will allow change instantaneously if you’re willing to have it.

What is the benefit of you choosing gratitude?

Being grateful has an energy that amplifies your heart’s magnetic field. You become the grandfather clock that creates the ripple of phenomenal change. You can use this magnetic field to transform anger, rage, fury, hate, fear and anything else that is distracting you from something greater.

Practising gratitude can have numerous physical, psychological, and social benefits.

Research suggests that practising a sense of being grateful may contribute to overall well-being and life satisfaction. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Improved Mental Health: Gratitude has been shown to improve levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. Expressing gratitude can help shift focus away from negative thoughts and create a different outlook on life.

2. Enhanced Emotional Resilience: Grateful individuals tend to cope better with difficult situations and setbacks. They are more likely to adopt positive coping strategies and exhibit greater emotional resilience in the face of challenges.

3. Increased Happiness: Regularly acknowledging and appreciating the aspects of life can lead to increased feelings of happiness and contentment.

4. Better Relationships: Expressing gratitude can strengthen relationships by fostering a sense of connection and appreciation. People who feel valued and appreciated are more likely to maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships.

5. Improved Sleep: Gratitude exercises have been associated with better sleep quality and duration, possibly due to reduced anxiety and more positive thought patterns before bedtime.

6. Enhanced Self-Esteem: Grateful individuals often have higher self-esteem and self-worth. Recognizing the good in oneself and others can contribute to a more positive self-image.

7. Physical Health Benefits: Some studies suggest that practising gratitude may lead to improved physical health outcomes, such as reduced blood pressure and a stronger immune system.

8. Increased Empathy: Being grateful can enhance empathy and compassion for others, as it encourages focusing on the positive aspects of individuals and situations.

9. Stress Reduction: Gratitude exercises can help shift attention away from daily stressors and promote a sense of relaxation and calm.

10. Boosted Productivity: Grateful individuals tend to be more motivated and productive, possibly because a positive outlook can increase a person's sense of agency and belief in their abilities.

11. Greater Resilience to Adversity: Being grateful can help individuals develop a more optimistic mindset, enabling them to better navigate challenges and bounce back from setbacks.

12. Enhanced Social Interaction: Expressing gratitude can lead to positive social interactions, as it often prompts reciprocation and strengthens social bonds.

13. Long-Term Happiness: Being grateful is associated with lasting feelings of happiness and well-being as it grows a focus on the positive aspects of life over time.

14. Mindfulness and Presence: Gratitude practices encourage individuals to be more present at the moment and appreciate the here and now.

15. Cultivation of Positive Habits: Engaging in gratitude exercises can help individuals build a habit of looking for the positive aspects in various situations, which can lead to a more optimistic and fulfilling life.

How can the Access Bars help

Access Bars is an energetic body process involving gently touching 32 points on your head.

These points store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, feelings, stress and locked-up energy in your mind and body.

They relate to all areas of your life, including kindness, gratitude, peace and calm. Running these points takes away the things that make you choose not to have kindness and gratitude for you and others. The space of kindness and you become more grateful and present in your life.

A Daily Practice to Cultivate Happiness

Get a sense of gratitude; it's available at any time, acknowledge that and be grateful for its existence. You, the people around you, your home, and your creations keep that awareness and think of something you haven’t been thankful for while you are the energy of gratitude. Bring them together and see what happens.

Write down 4-5 things that, if you were to be grateful for them, would change them.

Bring those things into that space of gratitude and let them melt.

What space of gratitude can you choose for you and all of us?

What are you grateful for today?

Thank you for you.

life coachng

Jayne Micallef, Access Consciousness CFMW & Life-Changing Coach

Did you know that the heart’s magnetic field, which is the strongest rhythmic field produced by the human body, not only envelops every cell of the body, but also extends out in all directions into the space around us.

Being grateful expands the heart’s magnetic field can be measured several feet away from the body by sensitive magnetometers.

Research conducted at HMI suggests the heart’s field is an important carrier of information.


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