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Access Bars Training

Access Bars Training - Celebrating 9 years

Are you looking for something different? More ease and money? A business that works?

Access Joyful Body is pleased to offer a range of Access Consciousness® training courses. Whether you wish to add these to your current business or start a new business we are here to help you on your unique journey.

With training courses in Access Bars Training®, the Access Facelift®, Access Vision Process® & Access Body Processes® we have a variety of classes to suit your interest.

Each of our courses is run by Jayne Micallef, CFMW with eight years of experience in training and facilitation in London & Surrey.

Is it time to create something different? Become a fully qualified practitioner! Enrol on one of our Access courses today and experience the life-changing effects learning these alternative therapies can be.

Who is this class for?

There are no pre-requisites for this Access Bars® cert. Training is a BRILLIANT addition for any healers, health practitioners, and therapists plus it’s fully insurable!
 Access Bars Training is for those who like to; 

  • Be healthy, happy and empowered to know what they know
  • Looking to expand or start a business
  • Looking to create greater results with clients
  • Turn up your capacities
  • A family who would like more peace and calm

Today Access Bars® is practised in over 170 countries worldwide, used as a potent and pragmatic tool by families, schools, businesses, athletes, prison wards, psychologists, artists and many more.

What are the health benefits of Access Bars?

Would you like to know what's going on when you have your Bars® run? You know that something is different, but what is it? Check out these 12 Amazing Benefits from Access Bars®

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