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Research Access Bars on Anxiety and Depression

The effect of Access Bars on Anxiety and Depression

So what is the effect of Access Bars on anxiety and depression?

Scientific Research by Dr Terrie Hope, PhD. DNM was published in the Journal of Energy Psychology in 2017 and revealed.

"The treatment with Access Bars was associated with a significant decrease in the severity of symptoms of anxiety and depression and an increase in EEG coherence. These results suggest that Access Bars may be useful for anxiety and depression treatment."

The results of this research study showed:

  • Access Bars reduced the symptoms of anxiety by 84.7% on average.
  • Access Bars reduced the symptoms of depression by 82.7% on average.
  • All participants showed an increase in Brain Coherence.

Quite a dramatic change! I wonder what change you can have with Access Bars on Anxiety and depression?

Dr Hope also found the effect of Access Bars on anxiety and depression for participants who, before the 90-minute Access Bars session, reported;

A sense of past failure, self-criticalness, loss of pleasure, and agitation; all said that 100% of these symptoms were resolved after the session.

You can read about this research here

Did you know that depression and anxiety are different but commonly occur together?

We often feel stressed, sad or anxious during difficult times. Feeling down, lonely, withdrawing, having the blues, or feeling anxious is often a response to stressful situations. You might experience a persistent low mood if the symptoms are mild.

Common triggers outlined by the MayoClinic:
  • Work stress or job change.
  • Change in living arrangements.
  • Pregnancy and giving birth.
  • Family and relationship problems.
  • Major emotional shock following a stressful or traumatic event.
  • Verbal, sexual, physical or emotional abuse or trauma.
  • Death or loss of a loved one.

What are the Access Bars?

Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, discovered the Access Bars more than 30 years ago. The Bars® are 32 points on the head that, when gently touched, release the electrical component of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Softly touching Access Bars points on the head, the brain waves slow down and change from Beta waves to alpha/theta waves. You have increased brain coherence, improved brain performance d concentration, and emotional stability.

Each Bars session is usually around 60 to 90 minutes and can be deeply relaxing for your mind and body, and it is safe for adults and children. 

How can Access Bars help people with Anxiety and Depression?

The most crucial benefit of the Access Bars is probably mental clarity; this gives the person the sense of space and freedom to enjoy the following;

You're more relaxed, your sleep quality changes, and you have greater clarity with life choices; your past does not affect you similarly. You feel happier and more enthusiastic about life.

Your response to stress changes, and you get out of autopilot of past thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Access Bars may help you see the problematic areas in your life that are causing your anxiety and depression. Finding the roots is the first step to solving a problem. At the same time, you'll realise that you have the power to help yourself. Book a session.

Here is a helpful blog outlining 20 reasons why, in my opinion, Access Bars® therapy is a great choice.

Access Bars for Therapists, Health Practitioners and Parents

As you can see from the information shown above, the effect of Access Bars on Anxiety and Depression is remarkable and something that many health practitioners, councillors, coaches, and therapists are adding to their menu of choice for clients.

As a parent, you may consider adding for the health and well-being of your family.

Want to learn? You can learn this technique in a one-day practitioner training. there is no prerequisite to joining a class.

I wonder what you can change with Access Bars on Anxiety and depression?

If you would like to book a session to experience the Bars, make contact today!

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