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Happy Family: Access Bars for Children and Parents

the benefits of access bars for children and parents

The Transformative Benefits of Access Bars for Children and Parents

Access Bars is a technique you can learn in a one-day training involving touching specific head points to promote relaxation, stress reduction, peace, and calm. 

What happens when you receive the Access Bars technique?

It's like wiping a computer bank of all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes and considerations you've ever had in any lifetime. They get stored in there. When you clear them by running the Bars, it deletes the files, you're different, and things change.

Let us explore how Access Bars might fit into a family's overall well-being strategy.

1. Stress Reduction: Parents often experience high-stress levels due to the demands of raising children. Access Bars promote relaxation and stress reduction, which could help parents manage their children's stress levels better.

2. Improved Parent-Child Relationships: Access Bars for children and parents may positively impact family relationships. Parents are more relaxed and present and may experience better connections with their children. 

3. Calming Effects: Access Bars for children and parents could also have a calming effect and contribute to a more peaceful household environment.

4. Promotion of Emotional Well-being: Access Bars help release stored emotions and programming, potentially leading to emotional healing for parents and children. Healthy emotional well-being can contribute to a harmonious family dynamic.

5. Quality Sleep: We all know that lack of sleep can affect parents and children. Access Bars for children and parents may help promote better sleep for the whole family by reducing stress and anxiety, which could positively impact family members' energy levels and moods.

6. Parent Self-Care: Balancing work commitments and parenting can often lead to stress and burnout. It's essential for parents need to take care of themselves to care for their children effectively. Access Bars are a form of self-care that allows parents to recharge and focus on their well-being. 

7. Major Events: Parents worry about major life transitions for their children, such as starting school, puberty, Exams, high school graduation, and leaving home for college or work. Access Bars help release the expectations and points of view that often lead to the build-up of stress that may occur.

Could Access Bars Assist ADHD and Mood Disorders—Without Drugs?

Parents of children with special needs or chronic health conditions have unique concerns about their child's well-being.

Many practitioners of individual Access Bars sessions have noticed profound relaxation among their clients. Many of these individuals experience a lack of that very hyperactivity and distractibility for which drugs are so often prescribed. They may experience being relaxed for the first time in their lives. Access Bars for children and parents - a different perspective!

Positive Impact on Children

Access Bars can have a positive impact on children of any age. Children's shelters in Costa Rica gave over 40 Bars sessions to children aged 3-16, their caretakers, and the visiting psychologist. The results were amazing!

Your Happier Family starts here: Access Bars for Children and Parents.

If you want to create a more peaceful environment at home and help your children thrive, then Access Bars for parents and children may be what you are looking for. Join a class or request a family class in the comfort of your own home.

A Guide to Irrational Parenting

The whole area of parenting can be very challenging for parents and kids. It doesn’t have to be. But most people make it that way. 

The expectations of how you are supposed to be as a parent, the conclusions about what it means to be a good parent, what a good parent does, what a bad parent does, what a good parent doesn’t do… you get the idea. 

No wonder so many parents and kids are not having any fun! 

If you are trying to be a good parent, if you are trying to get it right, would you be willing to give that up? What if you were willing to do it wrong?

What if you stopped judging you and your kids? 

life coachng

Jayne Micallef, Access Consciousness CFMW & Life-Changing Coach

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