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Professional Access Bars Croydon


What is it you’ve been looking for but have never been able to find?


About Access Bars Croydon

The Access Bars are 32 points on the head that when gently touched release the electromagnetic charge of thoughts, feelings, emotions and stuck energies. This creates a sense of peace and ease in your mind and body, allowing you to go beyond the limitations that you’ve been living by.

Expand Your Business and Your Skill Set. Learn the Access Bars®

There are no prerequisites for this Access Bars Croydon cert. Training is suitable for Business professionals, Creators, Teachers, Counselors, Healers, Coaches, Health Practitioners, Therapists, Parents, beauticians, masseuses, and bodyworkers or for friends who may like to run this on each other.

Today, Access Bars are practised in over 170 countries worldwide, and they are used as a potent and pragmatic tool by families, schools, businesses, athletes, prison wards, psychologists, artists, and many more.

You can apply these tools to changing anything, Money, Business, Health, Happiness, Relationships!


Access Bars Croydon is for those who like to;

  • Be healthy, happy and empowered to know what they know
  • Looking to expand or start a business
  • Looking to create greater results with clients
  • Seeking to turn up your capacities
  • A family who would like more peace and calm
There are no pre-requisites for this Access Bars® cert. Training its BRILLIANT addition for any healers, health practitioners, and therapists plus it’s fully insurable!
access bars Croydon London

Conveniently located in East Croydon & London Waterloo.

Or request a class in your home or business! 

Upgrade Your Life in this Vibrant day of Change with Access Bars®

This one-day Access Bars Croydon class will equip you with the tools to change and create more ease in every area of your life!

This dynamic hands-on technique can assist you in changing anything that is not working for you. And you get to learn how to use some practical tools from Access Consciousness® to change limiting beliefs, emotions, and damaging patterns permanent.

The beauty and ease of this technique and the Access tools are that they are super-fast and highly effective you can apply these to changing anything. Money, business, health, happiness, sex, relationships absolutely anything!

If you’re ready to live your best life and you’re up for helping others to do, then this is for you, come and join us.

During this One-day class you will;

  • Learn then Access Bars® technique that can be run in a variety of ways
  • Learn how to use Access Bars® to release physical symptoms; and speed up the healing process of your body
  • Learn the Access Consciousness® clearing statement to increase the effectiveness of the work that you do with others
  • Get clear on how you can release your thoughts, feelings and beliefs – permanent!
  • Develop the competency and skill of dealing with any challenges that may arise when doing this process
  • Effectively use the Access Bars® with others, even with small children and babies
  • Take home a comprehensive manual full of tools and techniques to change anything
  • Become an Access Bars® Cert. Practitioner and start receiving clients right away!
experience the bars


What could a Bars® Session create for you? Would you like to try it?

If you are new to the Access or have something in particular you would like Facilitation with changing then book a private session.

What if everything you’ve decided couldn’t change, could be changed? What if all of life could have a sense of ease? What if everything you’ve decided you are could be different?

Class facilitated by Jayne Micallef registered CFMW

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